OpenOCD Troubleshooting: JTAG Sticky Error


You may see one or more JTAG-DP_STICKY_ERROR immediately on startup. This is caused by a bug in OpenOCD 0.4.0, but don’t worry. OpenOCD will still be able to talk to the board. The errors look like this.

Beagle startup err.png

There is a bug in OpenoCD 0.4.0 causing the first debug session, after OpenOCD has been started, to fail if the target is running when OpenoCD tries to connect. This bug has been fixed in recent git and can be worked around in OpenOCD 0.4.0 by adding -c init -c ‘reset init’ to the command line when starting OpenOCD.

If you see this error, then the next time you try to start OpenOCD it will give an error the next time it tries to communicate with the Beagleboard. When you exit OpenOCD you will need to disconnect and reconnect the power cable to the Beagleboard before OpenOCD will be able to communicate with the Beagleboard again.

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